the Girls and Dogs

        “Theres only one rule in this jungle!”

        the Girls and Dogs

        “Were not safe!”

        Bad Boys for Life

        “I never trusted anybody but you.”

        “When one can see no future, all one can do is the next right thing.”


        “Somehow, we just belong together.”

        Just Mercy

        “Its never too late for justice.”


        “There is something following us.”

        Like a Boss

        “Were winning.”

        The Grudge

        “Something followed me.”


        “There is only one way this war ends.”

        Little Women

        “This is Meg, Amy, Beth, and Jo.”

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        the Girls and Dogs

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        the Girls and Dogs

        the Girls and Dogs

        The quotes and lines collected in this website are NOT scripts/screenplays but the actual lines used in the movie. With some exceptions, lines have been taken either from original research by watching the movies to verify the lines, or from quotes that visitors have sent for all to enjoy.

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